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Certified English Teacher From the USA

Hi, I'm Waleska, a certified native English Teacher with 11 years of teaching experience. I help students of all ages to speak better, reduce accents, and understand English. I work with children and adults, so do not hesitate to contact me at

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  • Conversation Skills

  • Interview Preparation

  • Business English

  • Exam Preparation

  • Accent Reduction

  • Relocation Assistance

  • Writing Assignments

Online Class
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Listen to my podcast English Academy Club! 

"Waleska is the best teacher you can wish for! Her classes are always so much fun. She helped me to improve my English, and we worked a lot on my accent. Highly recommended!!!"

Livia Nagy, Scientist 

Student of Certified English Teacher, Waleska Latorre
Student of Certified English Teacher, Waleska Latorre
"I started taking English lessons from Waleska about 10 years ago and I would highly recommend her. Her lessons are absolutely enjoyable and stress-free. You don't have to worry about your pronunciation or your language knowledge. She is so encouraging, inspiring, and helpful. If you want to improve your spoken English, do not hesitate to book a lesson with Waleska." 

Anita Pungor, Elementary Teacher


1321 Upland Drive, Ste. 20337

Waleska Latorre, Certified English Teacher
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